The Comcast-Time Warner merger is in trouble. Providing the Internet to the poor will not help.

David Cohen, Comcast’s executive vice president, testified during a House Judiciary Committee hearing. Next to him is Robert Marcus, President and CEO of Time Warner Cable #### It argues that low-income customers will benefit from “Internet Essentials”. But the regulators didn’t buy it. It seems that the $ 45.2 billion merger between Comcast and Time … Read more

City of the Future in Ohio

They are looking for output on WKRP. But these days, Queen’s City is striving for measurable results. Photo: Everett Collection. #### Cincinnati has nothing to lose when it comes to traditional data-savvy governance. Results could start a national trend. Outputs: things that a business or organization produces. Result: changes in the world as a result … Read more

The next generation of medical tools can be produced at home

Unlike many DIY solutions, this one attracted the attention of the doctors working for the World Health Organization (WHO). In the end, medical device giants Becton, Dickinson and Company tweaked the idea to create it BD Odon equipment. Candlestick Odon device pass clinical trials in Argentina And put into production for an estimated $ 50 … Read more