The failed promise of deep links

Links are suddenly not that interesting anymore. They stop serving us as an alternative to thinking and creating informational relationships; they switch to a functional role. They become tools to navigate websites and pointers to share content on social networks. Ultimately, links have become click bait – transparent gadgets for traffic in an accelerated race … Read more

How China joins the space race

China is a poor and progressive country. For a while, China had benefited from Soviet hardware and expertise, but in 1960 Mao accused the Soviet Union of backing up communism and ideological impurity. So China chose to go alone – right when the chaos and uncertainty of the Cultural Revolution were damaging all scientific and … Read more

How Gordon Moore created “Moore’s Law”

Only among his colleagues, Moore predicted his vision of the idea that manufacturing technology has had a steady trajectory of improvement. With great effort and costly investment, it can be perfected quickly to provide better productivity for more complex circuits that house increasingly smaller transistors. His philosophy of standard products for the future of these … Read more

Designing for virtual reality

Use perspective to your advantage Designers use size, contrast and color to denote hierarchy. These tools are still available in VR, but they are a little bit different. Size is based on the distance between the user and a piece of content. Content can be considered as one Heads up the screen,lock it at a … Read more