The irony of automation: Why do clinicians let computers make mistakes?

This bias increases over time as computers prove their value and accuracy (in other words, their reliability), as they usually do. Computers today, with all of the human-like characteristics of voice and the ability to answer questions or predict our needs (think about how Google fulfills your mind when you’re typing in a query). search), … Read more

The right time for the tide?

#### Tidal may not win the battle to become the next business model for music. But it is a welcome opponent. Hip-hop superstar and businessman Jay Z is relaunching Tidal, the music streaming service he recently purchased. He calls this the future of online music, because the service will stream tunes in high fidelity – … Read more

Overdose: Harm in hospital wired

Pablo Garcia arrived at the hospital in good condition. Then the technology of the hospital made him very ill. In this in-depth narrative, Bob Wachter explores how high-tech medicine puts patients at risk — and how we can make it safer. How medical technology makes patients suffer from mass overdose Be careful with Robot Pharmacist … Read more