Hacking Hollywood with Ed Snowden

Oath, Is released in 2010 and won the Best Cinematographer (Documentary Film) award at the Sundance Film Festival, showing the progress in the work of both sides of the conflict. All, her heart ached. I have lost all my naive ideals in Yemen and Guantanamo: I know there we are not solving the real problem. We didn’t learn. Like My country, my country, Laura’s film offers her glimpse into the world to come: the West in the Barrier, the barbaric ISIS at the gate, the moral void, the attack on civil liberty and justice. “With Abu Grahib and Guantanamo, there is nothing more we can do to clarify our violence. Before September 11, there must have been some fanatics and terrorists. But much less than it is today ”.

From Rio to Berlin via Assange

And as an artist, journalist or citizen, she is not a threat to her government. The constitution protects her speech and her ability to move. But after the Patriot Act, both the First and Fourth Amendments did not seem to exist at the airports. Along term with Guantanamo, they proved that the War on Terror has entered America.

The painful experiences she has endured have been there since its release My Country My Country could have threatened and prevented her. They do not. They nurtured her interest, fueling her reflection on the harassment she experienced because of her movies. Laura learns to cope with the pressure and defend her work. She started a documentary about state surveillance. She looks for non-fiction characters whose stories will unravel the terrifying specter of scrutiny.

She has followed Glenn Greenwald’s work for many years. A civil rights lawyer who became blogger, freelance and independent columnist, he famously defended Chelsea Manning (then Bradley), who passed millions of confidential information to Wikileaks. The former intelligence analyst is held in solitary confinement, in her underwear, in a neon-illuminated 6 ‘x 8’ cell, 23 hours a day. He was deprived of natural light and time, driven insane.

In April 2011, Laura filmed Greenwald in Rio, where he lives. She also met Jacob Appelbaum, a security expert and a hacker hero since he co-founded. ĐKTC, a system that allows people to communicate anonymously. Appelbaum is also a defender of Manning. Like Laura, he is systematically detained and interrogated upon arriving in the United States of his home country.

In 2012, she interviewed whistleblowers called “NSA Four”(Thomas Drake, Kirk Wiebe, Edward Loomis and William Binney). In August 2012, on The New York Times website, she publishes her movie Programme focus on Binney’s testimony about the NSA. In 2001, Binney, one of the NSA’s best mathematicians and crackers, resigned from the Agency after 32 years of faithful service, to denounce Wind stars programme. Approved immediately after 9/11, Stellar Wind allows the NSA to collect and link personal information (email, internet activity, localization) of any US citizen.

Laura flew to London to meet Julian Assange. Upon her return, she was detained for four hours at Newark Airport. She was brought into the interrogation room. She took out her pen to write down the incident. The agent told her to put it away. Her pen is said to be a dangerous weapon.

To complete her work, she chooses life in exile. On Appelbaum’s advice, she moved to Berlin. Life under the former East German spy, the Stasi, influenced lawmakers as well as the people. Privacy laws, reasonable rents and the vibrant Chaos Computer Club all make it the perfect hub for artists, hackers, and freelance cultural activists. She outlines a list of people she needs to complete her project, including a movie editor.

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