Why Campaign Insurance Only Makes Ordinary Citizen Dissatisfied

1996 Democratic National Convention. Photo courtesy of International Contractors, Inc. #### Think of it as a product created before the majority of users entering the market buy it With a sample size of one, David Weinberger’s Smart survey, ‘Who gives better interviewers – an expert at CNN or the crowd from Reddit?’ it’s just the … Read more

New York’s dream of high-speed Internet

Here’s how the plan is supposed to work. Bang ten Regional Economic Development Council, including experienced local experts and stakeholders (both public and private), will submit recommendations to the state in the form of strategic plans. Crucially, Councils must work on aggregate demand – a set of clients guaranteed to have new access to infrastructure … Read more

The full-time job is dead

Who wants to work 40 hours a week for an employer? In the future, perhaps no one. The all the time work, as we are familiar with it, is not a natural human state of existence. Before the 1800s, very few people worked on a structured “work week”. That presumptuousness was dreamed of by the … Read more

Meet McFlys | WIRED

Sheri Smith Words and Pictures © 2015 #### My first time to visit tomorrow’s house is Back to the Future II. Marty and Doc enter DeLorean’s future caves to Marty and witness voice-controlled devices, AGR headphones, a robot greenhouse and a food / pizza cabinet. Today, many of these once fictitious devices are ready to … Read more

Cuban Internet Crisis | WIRED

Internet crisis in Cuba Ninety miles south of us, dreams of young people are dissipating because they don’t have digital access A few weeks ago, I went to Cuba to interview 20-year-old high school students about their lives. The trip was a profound reminder to me of the need to have big dreams for accessing … Read more